" Vim syntax file " Language: DSSSL " Maintainer: Johannes Zellner " Last Change: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 14:54:59 CEST " Filenames: *.dsl " $Id: dsl.vim,v 1.1 2004/06/13 19:13:31 vimboss Exp $ if exists("b:current_syntax") | finish | endif runtime syntax/xml.vim syn cluster xmlRegionHook add=dslRegion,dslComment syn cluster xmlCommentHook add=dslCond " EXAMPLE: " " (define html-manifest #f) " ]]> " " NOTE: 'contains' the same as xmlRegion, except xmlTag / xmlEndTag syn region dslCond matchgroup=dslCondDelim start="\[\_[^[]\+\[" end="]]" contains=xmlCdata,@xmlRegionCluster,xmlComment,xmlEntity,xmlProcessing,@xmlRegionHook " NOTE, that dslRegion and dslComment do both NOT have a 'contained' " argument, so this will also work in plain dsssl documents. syn region dslRegion matchgroup=Delimiter start=+(+ end=+)+ contains=dslRegion,dslString,dslComment syn match dslString +"\_[^"]*"+ contained syn match dslComment +;.*$+ contains=dslTodo syn keyword dslTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX display " The default highlighting. hi def link dslTodo Todo hi def link dslString String hi def link dslComment Comment " compare the following with xmlCdataStart / xmlCdataEnd hi def link dslCondDelim Type let b:current_syntax = "dsl"